Resin Terrazzo

FeRFA Type 8

We recently won an award for a Resin Terrazzo installation in Nando’s restaurant. Over 400 linear meters of brass trim had to be measured, cut and formed on site to ensure the geometric pattern from the walls was maintained on the floor.  The resin was then installed, and carefully ground and polished to reveal the beautiful design.  In addition to this, tabletops, worktops, wall panels and splash-backs were all pre-formed off site.

Description:A high quality, low maintenance resin floor that uses selected aggregates and coloured resin.

Incorporates various fillers such as granite and marble chips, coloured glass, mother of pearl and coloured synthetic chips. Using divider strips of either brass, aluminium, zinc or plastic designs and colours are almost unlimited.
Thickness:6mm - 8mm
Resin Terrazzo Flooring
Resin Terrazzo Flooring

Typical Installations

  • Airports

  • Railway stations

  • Shopping centres, shops

  • Restaurants and bars

  • Restaurants and bars

  • Night clubs

  • Museums

  • Laboratories

  • Domestic

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